About Green IT Systems

The Digicon/AASA Joint Venture is a vehicle to assist AASA in its business development while combining the best capabilities of our two companies. This Joint Venture uses the power of partnership to provide long-lasting benefits for Digicon, AASA, and Green IT clients.

  • AASA will be able to connect to more clients, fulfill more business needs, and expand its knowledge, experience, and personnel through Digicon’s long-term and large-scale connections and expertise.
  • Digicon will be able to enhance its offerings, provide a more robust complement of services, and support the business development of its community by assisting AASA through its tenure with the SBA’s 8(a) program.
  • Green IT clients will have the combined focus of two complementary service providers listening to their requirements, addressing their needs, and providing them with the innovative solutions that will save them money, time, and resources.

Green IT will be a true partner to clients, bringing the latest technology and proven methodologies to every engagement.

About Digicon

Digicon is an established, forward-thinking Information Technology (IT) service provider with over twenty-five years of experience. Digicon’s core business capabilities span the entire business infrastructure environment for both government agencies and private businesses.

At Digicon, we take the time to get to know you, learn about your business needs and goals, and recommend the right solutions that fit your budget. We're ready to respond to any technology challenge. When our clients' needs demand immediate support, we're there putting experienced people on the job and solving problems long before larger firms can mobilize. We place high-level project managers on-site to quickly assess and address potential problems. When the unexpected occurs, our Help Desk is staffed and available around the clock. As a result, we have a history of long-term relationships that have resulted in positive performance reviews from our clients.

Headquartered in a secure facility in Herndon, Virginia, Digicon currently employs over 300 professionals supporting a customer user-base exceeding 4,000 nationwide. With established clients in the Federal Government, state and local municipalities, educational institutions, and commercial businesses, Digicon continues to grow by providing the right IT solutions that fit our clients' business models.


About AASA

AASA is a high-technology professional services firm with corporate offices located in Reston, Virginia. We provide technical, engineering, computer, and related services to commercial businesses and government agencies.

AASA is a small business that obtained its 8(a) minority disadvantaged status in March 2006.
Our customers include the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD), Honeywell International, BASF, and others.

We employ a staff of highly skilled professionals who have proven capabilities working on a wide range of projects. Our personnel are well-trained with degrees and professional certification in their areas of expertise. They include mechanical/biomedical engineers, statisticians, and IT professionals.

Green IT Joint Venture